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24 December 2007 @ 11:55 am
Sometimes I wonder why I'm still in school.
Human Anatomy 101.
A lifetime supply of knowledge informing me of the team work my body uses in order to exist my being. Make me alive.

Sitting in the back of the class, trying to copy the rotation of the foreign symbols on the board. The visions unfocused. Cross out and try again. Cross out and try again.

This is Human Anatomy 101, my knowledge, my being.

My existence. I'm a lost cause in space, I can't tell a road from my own living room. Or why your eyes stretch and bound around your body - rotating in sequence across the classroom, forming units, intervals. Chain reactions.

The rest of the class is pro when it comes to mass and matter. Your the mass. Giving, progressing in a straight forward direction - and they're the matter. Clinging to your progression, shoplifting your sources of life. Your light - that they crowd around. They know the negatives and positives, your own universal truth inside your creativity. Your compounds. They're elements.

Racing around, trying to figure out the landmarks in this geometry universe. My freshman science class. My own geographical globe, a map of my own pros and cons. So, I dress myself, and have myself a tea party before I wake up in the morning. Sucking down the gin, and fucking myself naked before I grab my weekly uniform. Consisting of what I think I should wear in order to seem pricey to anyone looking at me. Reverse Distributive Property.

My psychology.

What keeps me going. My own source of life.
Flipping around, my hair a black disaster -
Invaded with snakes and bugs that crawl
Thick and fat along side my dead cells,
Eating away at their prize. Their masterpiece.

Human Anatomy 101.

My kidneys and my liver join together, stuffing themselves inside of one another. Because even though they're enemies - neither one of them wants to be alone. I search for my large intestines, that lurk around suffocating my gallbladder - making my fucking esophagus fueled up and leak into my trachea. Like a German soldier puking at his stand, like a fucking mother fucking drunk bitch taking a piss.

Poor drunk bitches, who miss they're daddy's.

Confusing insanity and difference with art. Drunk saggy chins, pants that can't fit over blown up fucking crotches. Like a circus act, a mother fucking sculpture competition.

Ending with my fucking genius, my schoolbook.
Human Anatomy 101.
kolfto_the_lamb on December 27th, 2007 03:54 am (UTC)
Why would you erase my comment?
It was honest. If that's not directly from that book, it's extremely similar.
icansavemyselficansavemyself on December 27th, 2007 04:05 am (UTC)
Huh? Oh, sorry. I forgot you were on my friends list.
Like, sometimes random psychos comment my stuff, and since I haven't been on here for a while I was like "No? *Is confused* *Delete*"

Anyways, no I just wrote that.
I don't know what Diary is.
kolfto_the_lamb on December 27th, 2007 06:01 am (UTC)
It's an alright book. what you wrote there just reminded me of it a lot, perhaps you should check it out.
Same guy that wrote 'Fight Club', I know that movie is pretty popular. Maybe you know of him? :D